Sustainable Stewardship &
Green Commercial Cleaning

While the term sustainable is often used to describe methods and practices that are meant to preserve natural resources for future generations, DRB Facility Solutions takes a holistic approach to sustainable stewardship and green commercial cleaning. We use the four pillars of sustainability as a framework to guide our business development and expansion efforts. By focusing on the four pillars of sustainability, we take responsibility and accountability for the social, human, economic, and environmental aspects of our company.

DRB Facility services in the community

DRB provides service delivery, program participation, and philanthropic support to the following organizations:

  • Yawkey Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury
  • ABCD – Action for Boston Community Development
  • The Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center
  • Simon Youth Foundation
  • Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Northeastern University Cooperative Education Program



DRB invests in the following for daily business operations:

  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Health and Wellbeing – Industry-leading employee benefits
  • Training and Education – programs for safety, service,  equipment, process improvement and advancement. 
  • Safety/PPP/Green Cleaning Solutions/Ergonomic Solutions
  • Leading-edge PPP and Uniform Technology
  • Green Cleaning Products 
  • Ergonomic equipment to reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders


economic sustainability

Our aim with economic sustainability is to improve the standard of living. DRB employs a 100% union workforce where full-time cleaning personnel receives high compensation levels with annual cost of living increases for wages and benefits.
Whenever possible DRB works with larger clients to employ 60% full-time employees. 


DRB utilizes a combination of green cleaning products and modern technology to provide clean and safe environments. Some of our environmental goals include:

  • Reduce chemical and water usage by 50 to 70%
  • Eliminate the use of toxic chemicals for hard-surface flooring maintenance
  • Improve indoor air quality with multi-filtration vacuum systems and reusable HEPA microfilters
  • Reduce the use of paper products with reusable microfiber cleaning rags
  • Employ a safe, sustainable, and effective probiotic multi-surface cleaners
  • Use robotic technology that enhances productivity and reduces the cleaning staff’s repetitive tasks.
environmental sustainability