Commercial Cleaning Methodologies

DRB utilizes industry-leading technology-based commercial cleaning methodologies utilizing state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. This investment in technology allows DRB to measure and maintain specific goals and keep facilities cleaner, for longer periods of time, with less time invested. The four pillars of our technology-based cleaning platform are Technology and Equipment, Green Cleaning Methodology, Continuous Training Protocol, and a Comprehensive Quality Assurance and Work Order System. Each pillar plays an important role in this cleaning methodology as they all work together to attain the same final goal, a safe and clean environment.


Technology & Equipment
Methodologies pillar 1 cleaning technology and equipment
Green Cleaning
Methodologies pillar 2 green cleaning
Continuous Training
Methodologies pillar 3 continuous cleaning training
Quality Assurance
Methodologies pillar 4 cleaning quality assurance